Home Sales Opportunities


     Welcome again to our site. A number of folks already succeeding at Home Party Sales find Signed Ryan Kaliedo-Dichroic™ Jewelry a welcome addition to their lines. It is also a simple and enjoyable money maker by itself.

     The saying "Girls never have enough jewelry!" has never been so true. On line, you will find endless 'home sales opportunities' for mass produced, imported jewelry, the 'same old, same old' kind we have all seen everywhere, too often and know it is too hard to sell!

     As you can see from our website, selling Ryan Jewelry offers you a Very Classy Market Edge. Our New Look is surprisingly memorable. So far, most of you have only seen a few pictures on line. Seeing the depth and clarity in person is striking. It is so exciting that our regular Walk-In Gallery patrons have dubbed it "Ryan's Mouthwatering Jewelry". And, they all tell us,"I'll be back!" And, they do come back and often bring their friends.

     We show about thirty Top Local Arts & Crafts People at a time in our Gallery. We have tried a variety of fine, hand worked jewelry by other Top Canadian Artisans. As wonderful as their work is, most have left us because our Kaleido-Dichroic™ Originals way out shine and way out sell them all.

     What other home sales product offers so much? You will be selling a Dazzling New Look unseen anywhere, each piece is always a distinct Original, each is Signed by a known 50 year Master and yet it is priced like the countless, mass manufactured imports!

     It sells itself! You just have to be there. Simply keep a small jewelry case with you anywhere you go. Home - School - Work - Vacation - The Gym - Home Parties - Parks or wherever. You get to wear a different Ryan selection every day. Girls never fail to notice and can't help but ask, "Where did you get that?" You open your case and they immediately agree, "It really is mouthwatering!" Because every piece is a One-of-a-Kind, your customers quickly learn that you will always have new surprises for them to discover. They will welcome your smile and soon be telling you, "I'll be back!".

     The first step in your new enterprise is to show us you are as serious as we are. We need you to succeed the way we have for 50 years now. Prove it to yourself with the small investment of ordering a piece today. When ordering please identify yourself as being interested in 'Home Sales'.

     We want you to wear our Truly New Art Form and hear for yourself the many compliments that will follow. You will soon be convinced of the magic pictures simply can't convey. Larger pieces simply have more room for more colors and more room for our 'Mysterious Artistry'. So choose your first piece for maximum appeal rather than choosing the smallest price. And, you know you can return it for a full refund should you change your mind.

     Once you have experienced your Signed Ryan Original in person, simply e-mail us at Butterflystudio@rogers.com. Tell us all about yourself and how you think you would fit in selling the Original Works of a 50 year Master Artist. We will then e-mail you the full story.

     Thank you for your interest,

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